ERISA Disputes for Employers and Plan Fiduciaries

Employers and other plan fiduciaries have significant responsibilities under the Employee Retirement Income Security Act. When ERISA disputes arise, whether such disputes involve a claim for benefits under an ERISA plan, or allegations involving an alleged breach of a fiduciary duty, it is important that the relevant plan fiduciary understand the full panoply of rights and responsibilities provided under the law, in order to properly handle the administrative claim and appeals process and any resultant federal court litigation.

Assisting Fiduciaries with the Administrative Process

At Pridgen Law, we understand just how important the administrative claim and appeals process is in the world of ERISA. There is a substantial body of federal law - statutory, regulatory, and case law - to guide a fiduciary's actions. Our familiarity with that law allows us to counsel fiduciaries (like claim/appeal administrators and others) and employers/plan sponsors in a highly proactive manner. Let our experience assisting clients with the ins and outs of claim and appeal processing provide valuable insight into your process as well.

Assisting Fiduciaries with ERISA Litigation

ERISA litigation is literally what Pridgen Law does all day, every day. And our founding attorney has litigated ERISA cases nationwide, for multiple Fortune 500 companies, for many, many years. When ERISA litigation is required because a dispute can't be resolved through informal channels, you want an experienced and affordable ERISA litigator on your team. Our familiarity with the case law across the nation, and once on board, with the particularities of your plan, makes us the natural choice.

Comprehensive ERISA Litigation Representation

Our founding attorney has litigated scores of ERISA litigation matters on behalf of Fortune 500 plan fiduciaries across the nation, including:

  • Long term disability claims
  • Short term disability claims
  • Pensions claims (including 401(k), ESOP, and traditional retirement plans)
  • Life Insurance/AD&D claims
  • Other complex ERISA litigation (including class actions)

Understand Your ERISA Litigation Today

When you have questions about employee benefits and fiduciary litigation, you need answers from a law firm that stays current on the latest ERISA litigation developments. Pridgen Law wants to be that resource for your plan. We have earned the trust of our peers in ERISA matters. Schedule a free initial consultation today. You may call our Atlanta office at 404-465-2730 or contact us online.