A Distinguished Litigation Background

Pridgen Law is a unique resource for employment and ERISA litigation matters. Attorney Nancy B. Pridgen hasNancy Pridgenpracticed employment law in government and private firm settings spanning over 18 years. From those experiences, she acquired an impressive litigation record in federal court, representing both employers and employees in individual and class action lawsuits. Consequently, she is able to see both sides of an employment law issue. That perspective provides a distinct strategic advantage to our clients.

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Proactively Advising our Clients

Our law practice is also advisory. The modern workplace is often dynamic, where employment relationships may frequently change. We have the experience to help you successfully navigate these transitions, whether that means drafting new employment contract terms, negotiating severance or other benefits, or other legal services. Whether you are a business looking for the best employment policies for your staff, or an employee uncertain about your employment benefits or your rights under applicable federal and state employment laws, we provide not only answers to your questions, but also a legal strategy that is appropriate for your situation.

Protecting Clients in Complex Disputes

We have the experience to handle even the most complex employment litigation matters. For example, we have litigated several ERISA class action matters, successfully attending to their unique procedural and legal requirements. Yet complexity never comes at the expense of clarity. We make it a priority to explain the law in direct, bottom-line fashion.

Take Advantage of Our Experience

We have the distinguished experience you can trust and the personalized employment law advocacy you will appreciate. Find out today how we can help you. For a free initial consultation, call 404-465-2730. You may also contact us online.